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Gendo really only takes over command because she is no longer able to.

  • Jack and the Scotsman get to her, nagging about their lateness and pathetic fighting styles, and get her to the main hall where they are surrounded by hundreds of demons.

  • The Simurgh is also considered, by far, the most dangerous Endbringer due to her apparent ability to see the future and set up years in advance, in addition to the destruction she inflicts directly.

  • When Ki-taek grabs her by the collar and jokingly pretends that he's about to hit her, she doesn't even flinch, and when he says he was just joking, she says she would have killed him if he wasn't.

More Deadly Than the Male

This is when men are physically strong and quite capable of violence, but women are characterized as having a.

  • The Hunters of Artemis are all female almost exclusively teenage girls , while the teenagers in the rest of the camp include both genders.

  • The survivor may also have depression or other mental health issues.

  • Took a newspaper editor and shot him in cold blood.